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Hi, I'm Sav! Here you'll find original art, fan art , comics, sweet jams and a jumble other art related things.


I Just

really want to thank all of the amazing people out there who follow this blog. Thank you for supporting me and my stupid art and sticking with me this whole time (has it already been nearly a year and a half since I started this tumblr??). I’m feeling really gushy and humbled right now akfsjakfh I just want to let you know you’re all beautiful people and that I appreciate all the kind comments and things you do!! KEEP ROCKING AND THANK YOU THANK YOOU!

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Jim Hawkins - "I’m Still Here (Jim’s Theme)" Treasure Planet Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2002)

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Hands are weird. 

Hands are weird. 

I found my halloween costume.

I found my halloween costume.

"Sorry kid, but you’re my puppet now!"

"Sorry kid, but you’re my puppet now!"



That backside must be made of basalt, because it’s extra fine.

Sounds like a good pick up line, if you are going after a geo dude.

I hope you have the stones to try that one out often because someone needs to get that rock to roll.

Geo puns are now my new thing. It’s official.

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You said you role play? What do you do, fluff, horror, other stuff? I'm sorry I'm just interested in hearing 8OO



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Baked beans with inverted colors


I can dig it. 

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go on anon & describe my aesthetic 

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I made myself a logo!!

I made myself a logo!!


I just bought my very own brush pen!! Is this what love at fist sight feels like?

Jayant and Victor 5 facts....GO


1. Victor has a surprising knack for storytelling. It passes the time when the boy’s go on hunting trips in the northern mountains.
2. Jayant has no sense of rhythm whatsoever. You’re better off asking a rock to dance.
3. Victor is awful at keeping secrets and a terrible liar to boot.
4. Jayant has trouble writing anything without breaking his utensil. For this reason he has someone else write his documents and letters for him.
5. Both Victor and Jay were raised by their advisor Owen after their parents passed. They view him as both a mentor and fatherly figure.


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So how did Spring fall or meet Ramses? I am curious!! ( you don't have to draw this out!) (:


Spring officially met Ramses at Amadeus’s wedding, though before that she had been secretly crushing on him for years. She was too scared to ever talk to him, the shy baby

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Is it autumn yet?

Is it autumn yet?

Spring knows how to cheer a sister up <3

Spring knows how to cheer a sister up <3